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Together with GG Network (previously: Gadu-Gadu) and Inquiry we are working on a new market research project - GaduSonda. You can find more at GaduSonda.

We are not creating yet another market research institute; we want to offer market research companies and departments a platform for conducting internet and other types of surveys on Gadu-Gadu's instant messenger users:

To accomplish this, first, we created a software platform - YAC Interview Kit - that supports conducting CAWI/CAPI/CASI projects, as well as surveys conducted using Gadu-Gadu's IM (such as in-depth interviews and focus groups).

Surveys can be conducted on any kind of sample, however GaduSonda is mainly focused on creating a consumer panel that will be made available to market research firms and departments. We would also like to create dedicated panels for special types for surveys or for selected clients.

GaduSonda's main panel is being based on over 6 million users of Gadu-Gadu's IM. It consists mainly of people 15-35 years old, although older people are also represented. We have access to all panelists via e-mail as well as the instant messenger. Thanks to that, we can conduct surveys very quickly. We also regularly conduct internal surveys that enhance our knowledge about our panelists. This, in turn, allows for very focused targeting of surveys that are conducted on our panel. Prize drawing and a motivation program that all panelists participate in allow for very high response rates (approx. 65%). Finally, constant contact with panel members and data control guarantee that these are "real" people with verified characteristics.

Only our panel, by combining all features mentioned above, allows for quick and unproblematic carrying out of complex and multi-wave research projects, while, at the same time, keeping prices at a reasonable level.