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Market Research in Poland - 2013
As usual, OFBOR published data on last year's (2013) turnovers of market research companies in Poland.

I also collected data from the previous years: OFBOR's and some more from the web, and summed everything up in tables and charts below. This is the sixth time I prepared this summary - you can find the previous ones here: All data discussed below can also be found here: (108 kB).

And what does this data show us this year? (Unfortunately, this year's turnover values were rounded to 0.1 MPLN... too bad.)

ACNielsen had no problems defending its 1st place - with growth of 7% it even slightly extended its lead over Millward Brown. The company also broke the record for annual turnover - almost 130 MPLN.

It looks like Millward Brown is back in business. After the awful 2012 (11% fall in turnover), this year's growth was at the industry's average of 5%.

GfK, even with 8% growth, still has a long way to go to catch MB - over 20 MPLN. At this rate nothing will change here for... many years to come (though MB's example shows that things can change quite quickly).

TNS Polska (merged TNS Pentor and TNS OBOP) with a very healthy growth of 13%. Maybe they still stand a chance of recovering what they've lost after the merger? (Their last year's combined turnover should've been at GfK's 2013 turnover.)

IPSOS, after a fantastic 2012, didn't overwhelm, with no growth at all in 2013. The distance to the first 4 grows even larger, though, on the other hand, it looks like it has nothing to fear from companies lower down the list.

Further companies in the top 10:
  • AGB with their 2nd year of 14% of growth - wow.
  • PBS with a respectable 7% had no problems staying in the 7th place.
  • IQS - 12% down after last year's -10%; still in 8th place.
  • Cegedim - down by 6%, ninth place,
  • ARC Rynek i Opinia - returns to the top 10, even after a drop of 7%.
  • 4p research mix - after making it to the top 10 last year, fell off the list with a drop of 22%...
The turnover of the remaining companies was below 6 MPLN (per company).

Turnover, in '000 zloty (click to enlarge):

Share, in the total estimated market (click to enlarge):


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