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YAC Data-o-Mat
A program for handling various data processing tasks.

Though still in development, maybe somebody will find a use for it already?

Version history:
  • 5.00 DEV 03:
    • Exporting data to the Fixed ASCII format.
    • Exporting definitions of variables / columns to the following formats:
      • simple (variables with their widths are written to a text file),
      • SPSS Syntax (using the DATA LIST instruction).
  • 5.00 DEV 02 - exporting data to the following formats:
    • tab delimited,
    • comma separated values / variables (CSV).
  • 5.00 DEV 01 - open and view SPSS data files (with the .sav extension).
Why does the version history start at 5.00? Well, in a short while is should be able to handle all tasks that were previously implemented in YAC DataConverter; and that program ended its life at version 4.14...

Download: here.