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Version history
Up till now, the following versions of these applications were released: Details:

Version 2.10
  • Added: introduction of blocks for grouping nested blocks, pages, and questions.
  • Added: questions on a page can now be displayed in random order.
  • Added: blocks, pages, and questions in a block can now be displayed in random order
  • Added: added right-to-left display of response elements (text, radio buttons / check boxes).
  • Added: limiting the maximum number of responses a respondent may select in multi-choice questions.
  • Added: introduction of test surveys (with more strict access control than demonstration surveys).

Versions 2.0x
  • 2.04:
    • Added: support for references to responses in grid questions in variables, preconditions, and randomization instructions in questions and axes.
    • Added: optional identifier for axes.
    • Added: $files and $surveys variables.
    • Added: optional exporting of data of unfinished interviews.
    • Changed: certain question identifiers are now reserved and cannot be used in questionnaires.
    • Changed: fixed testing of parts of questionnaires (to/from cursor, highlighted block) when pre or mask instructions were defined in the selected block.
  • 2.03:
    • Viewing respondent data directly in YAC Interview Manager.
    • Fixes in support for Internet Explorer, version 6 and 7.
    • Exporting long text responses directly to SPSS data files.
    • Small changes in the questionnaire scripting language (page width, rejectedURL).
  • 2.02:
    • Added: panel instruction in survey definition for restricting surveys to panelists of the given panel.
    • Added: noback and noret attributes in pages and questions that block respondents from going back to previous questions.
    • Added: action instruction in pages and questions - execute an action when the respondents leaves a question or a page.
    • Added: quota actions - finish the interview with quota status.
    • Added: pre instruction in pages and responses - show pages and responses when a condition is met.
    • Added: mask instruction in questions and axes and nomask attribute in responses - show or hide those responses there were selected by the respondents in some previous question.
    • Added: references to questions in the rand instruction - show responses in the same order as in a previous, randomized, question.
    • Added: quota limits with min and max identifiers in ranges.
    • Added: variables - references to earlier responses in question and response texts.
  • 2.01:
    • Added: page instruction for grouping questions on a single screen.
    • Changed: question nocls attribute was replaced by page seq attribute.
    • Added: auto questions that allow for passing responses via links to the questionnaire.
    • Added: logo instruction - a survey specific logo can be displayed on the questionnaire screens.
    • Changed play definition to better handle video content.

Version 2.00

In this version we added an internet "store" - if respondents are awarded points for taking part in surveys, they can exchange those points for various kinds of prizes.

Moreover, respondents:
  • Have access to lists of available surveys, finished interviews, and missed surveys.
  • Have access to their personal data where they can also update that data.
  • Have access to a catalog of products with detailed descriptions for each product.
  • Can review their basket and can order selected products.
  • Can view the history of their "purchases".

Versions 1.0x
  • 1.04:
    • Added: rand key for randomizing the order responses are displayed in.
    • Enhanced: data export in tab-delimited format with response identifiers in place of response numeric codes.
    • Added: charts presenting the status of surveys.
    • Added: option to send e-mails to panelists (e-mails that are not invitations to surveys).
  • 1.03:
    • Added: upload key for uploading files from respondents to the server.
    • Added: protected attribute for questions that should not be written when exporting data that is being sent off-site.
    • Added: flash movies can now be displayed in the questionnaire using the play key.
    • Enhanced: precondition expressions can now handle negation, conjunction and disjunction operators.
    • Changed: multi-dimensional questions are now displayed with header and footer rows with responses; table cells include only response controls.
  • 1.02:
    • Support for long open ended responses; the following keys were added:
      • open - define a text response as a long (multi-line) open ended response,
      • length - define the maximum length of text responses (in characters),
      • width - define the width of text input boxes,
      • height - define the height (in lines) of the input box for long open ended responses.
    • Added SPSS syntax format for the descriptions of variables when exporting data from YAC Interview Manager.
  • 1.01:
    • Support for surveys accessible only by invitation; used usually with consumer panels to send invitations to all or a subgroup of panelists; all other surveys are generally accessible.
    • New key added - name - that is used when exporting questions, axes, and responses (in place of the respective texts) from YAC Interview Manager.
    • New key added - demo - that defines demonstration questionnaires; demo surveys can be taken any number of times and responses are not saved to the database.

Version 1.00

This first version of our software already includes the following functionality:
  • Survey description language:
    • single-choice questions,
    • multi-choice questions,
    • single-choice responses in multi-choice questions (e.g. "none"),
    • numeric questions (with range checking),
    • additional text responses (e.g. "other (please specify)"),
    • open ended questions that can include multiple text responses (e.g. "specify 3 car brands that you know best"),
    • grid questions that can contain all other types of questions,
    • nested grid questions,
    • responses can be displayed in list boxes and combo boxes,
    • responses can be displayed horizontally or vertically,
    • codes can be defined for responses (for instance, for calculation of means),
    • jumps to other questions (also, the interview itself may be finished when a given response is selected),
    • questions with no responses (treated as information texts),
    • a question can be displayed on a new page or on the same page as the previous question,
    • all texts in the questionnaire can be versioned based on the respondent's sex,
    • multiple fonts can be used to display all questionnaire texts (bold, italic, various colors and sizes),
    • allowing no response,
    • displaying multimedia content (audio and video),
    • ending pages where the respondents are directed after finishing the interview,
    • quota control (with the ability of defining complex conditions, such as the sizes of age groups crossed with sex).
  • Questionnaire editor (YAC Interview Builder):
    • syntax highlighting,
    • correctness checking,
    • test runs of the questionnaire in the Windows or web console programs,
    • test runs of the whole questionnaire or a part of it (selected question only, all questions starting from the selected one, all questions up to the selected up, all questions in the highlighted block),
    • standard editing function, including...
    • multiple document interface,
    • column and line blocks,
    • inserting files as blocks, saving blocks to files,
    • find / replace with regular expression and incremental search,
    • multi-level undo / redo,
    • macro registration and playback,
    • indenting / unindenting blocks,
    • bookmarks,
    • single line and multi-line comments,
    • errors are saved in the script file as special comments,
    • navigation through all errors in the script,
  • Interviewing software (YAC Interview Station and YAC Interview On-Line):
    • going back to the previous question (with correct handling of filters),
    • not only responses are saved to the DB, but all operations (like moving back) and times when consecutive questions were displayed to the respondent,
    • highlighting of the response currently being pointed to by the mouse pointer,
    • quota control,
    • an interview cam be paused and resume at some later time,
    • an interview cannot be taken multiple times by the same respondent,
    • multimedia playback (audio and video),
    • handling of various graphical templates,
    • a Windows version - YAC Interview Station - off-line interviews (CASI), especially when the exact times of respondent reactions are needed,
    • a web version - YAC Interview On-Line - an off-line version for script testing and an on-line version for interviewing (that runs under Apache).
  • Survey management program (YAC Interview Manager):
    • data exporting to various formats:
      • Fixed-ASCII or tab-delimited with simple variable descriptions,
      • YAC Data Kit;
    • surveys based on consumer panels - handling of invitations,
    • status on the current state of fieldwork.