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YAC Outdoor Kit
This project deals with outdoor advertising surveys conducted by Millward Brown SMG/KRC.

Two applications were developed for the project: Details:

YAC Outdoor Builder

The program calculates contact, probabilities, contact distributions, minimum distances from billboards and statistics of respondents' routes. Respondents' movements in the city were registered by GPS receivers. YOB takes into account gaps in the respondents' routes and uses a database of billboards for the computations. A special algorithm is used to calculate minimum distances from billboards (the number of such minimums for a single billboard and a respondent is not that evident).

Generated results are used to calculate advertising campaign indicators (such as GRP and average frequency).


YAC Outdoor Viewer

This application visualizes results obtained from the measurement of respondents' movements in the city, billboard positions and results output by the YAC Outdoor Builder program (such as minimum distances from billboards and route statistics).

Billboard positions may be presented on the city map:

Respondents' routes may be presented on the map of billboards. Different colors represent different quartiles of the respondent's positions. On the map below two routes are shown:

You can magnify the view to analyze routes in greater detail. Below you can see the route of a selected respondent. In this case, red and blue show the routes from home and from work respectively. Yellow and green: respondent's positions at work.

The route of the second respondent is a bit different: after leaving home, the respondent went to some location and after reaching it, returned back home.